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"I want to create a line that would not only change the way all women felt about having larger feet sizes but create a global shopping destination that would change the conversation and inclusion of an every day necessity being shoes!”   -  Omolara Martins, Founder.


Heels and the City is the ultimate online shoe shopping destination that caters to women like yourself, size UK 7 - UK 11. Our name was created with the idea that a good pair of shoes can make you feel confident in any situation and in any city. From the long day in the office closing that new client account to partying the night away on ladies night. We want you to feel gorgeous and empowered at all times regardless of having a larger size.

The traditional HATC Girl is a woman creating her own lane and concurring the world one step at a time. She is metropolitan and a social chameleon. Her wardrobe is a mixture of brands from Zara to Balaneciaga and she love’s a sample sale. Spending her lunch breaks surfing the web for top celebrity gossip to power business meeting luncheons eating over priced sandwich wraps from Pret as she climb’s the career ladder. Then she end’s the work week by meeting friends for an after work drink and week debrief on a rooftop whilst discussing each others dating lives to over prices rent. She is living a fast paced life in the big city and trying to balance it all to make it her own.

With the average UK women shoe size being a 6, there is an increasing demand for affordable, fashionable fitting shoes. And with the lack of fashionable styles and correct fitting shoes available Heels and The City have combined both something women with large feet fittings struggle to obtain.


All our shoes come in standard and wide fittings plus we have created all our styles with our “Cushion Sole” technology which is an additional padded cushion sole inside the shoe to make wearing heels as pain free as possible. So what are you waiting for? Step forward HATC Girl its your time to shine!